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Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 07:32
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This community, Love My Links is a very specialize community. The focus is on two specific areas:

  • Discussions about links, linking, SEO, backlinks, linking techniques (ie: HTML, Javascript, redirects), etc.
  • Discussions about issues, techniques, advantages and disadvantages with respect to search engines, etc
  • Automatic system posts of links to other sites that have confirmed links to any of the communities within the BitSoapBox community. It is not for any kind of posts that happen to link to something else. All users are free to respond to any posts here, keeping in mind that the responses must be related to the post. All new posts, questions, surveys, etc must fall within the realm of the two above points.
Any posts or response made in this community that does not fit within the above guidelines will be removed by a moderator and double user restrictions will be applied. No exceptions.

Older posts that are currently here and not fitting within the above guidelines are in the process of being moved to an appropriate community.

Please review: FAQ: Forum - Community Selection

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